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Bamboo, a widely used material to support stilt houses above water, is reinterpreted thus becoming the structural system of this collection.

ProjectB Gallery
Project assistant
Matteo Petrucci
Photo credit
Max Rommel
The palafitte collection consists of seven limited edition items, each in 25 numbered and signed pieces: high console, low console, desk, low table, divider screen, bedside table and coffee table.
Tens of bamboo fibre sheets are overlaid with hot glue, obtaining a semi-finished product which is much more resistant and stable than wood. Because of such tenacity, it can be handled on lathes in smaller sections, thus reducing splitting and movement.
The natural enlargement in the bamboo node, artificially emphasised on the lathe, hides a male-female joint mechanism that allows the connection of these vertical dividers with glass panes and volumes of essential geometries. The sandblasted glass only partially reveals the content of such volumes and evokes thin sheets of rice paper.