Giustini / Stagetti

A turned cylinder, composed by a long wooden arm and a shorter metal one made of the same color, leans on a rod and finds its balance in an unexpected joint, far from its center, in a sort of magical suspension. A led strip is built-in in the wooden part of the rod and can be directed by a simple rotation along its length.

Giustini / Stagetti
Project assistant
The Funambolo is inspired by the poetic imagery of acrobats who stand out against the horizon, creating pure and essential lines.
The extreme formal simplicity of the lamp hides a complex investigation to remove the visible technical elements: the magnetic conduction allows the electrical passage through the contact between the two overlapped arms.
The transformer’s case, which is also cylindrical, is suspended by the live supply wire.
There are three essences available: fossil black oak, rosewood and gray ash, matched, tone on tone, to the respective metallic finishes.