Giustini / Stagetti

The scale translation of the forms and languages typical of architecture is a point of departure and a notional source of energy for the new collection of furniture inspired by a range of bridge designs, aims to explore the formal and structural relation between the arch and its centring.

Giustini / Stagetti
Project assistants
Ilaria Bianchi
Dario Passi
Omar Golli
The protagonists of this corpus of new work, consisting of a table, a writing-desk and a shelving system, are the first and last stages of the Roman bridge building process: the wooden centring, a temporary structure that is crucial to the construction of every bridge, and the paving.
The result of this multifaceted exploration is a union between the fragmentary lines that characterise the centring and the typical aesthetic of the arch, achieved by the layering of stone facing slabs called conci.
The double display of work by Umberto Riva and Giacomo Moor in the spaces of Fonderia Artistica Battaglia on the occasion of the 2018 Salone del Mobile is motivated by a desire to emphasise the theme of interdisciplinary cross-contamination between architecture and design, evidencing the construction characteristics of the two new projects designed and conceived exclusively for Galleria Giustini / Stagetti.
"The collection “Centina”, which REFERS to the ‘scaffolding’ norms deployed in the construction of arches, his inventive construction in practice takes up the actual solution of the keystone placed to complete the arch. This method in some
ways refers back to the ‘subtraction of material’ patented by Alvar Aalto to bend solid wood, and in others reveals itself as bravely original, and programmatically counter-current. Here those elements that are usually exposed to curvature are instead set to ‘work’ under compression, thereby deconstructing received logic by simply ‘upturning it’, to find another, that is less obvious."

Text by Beppe Finessi