Design Miami / Basel
14 Jun 2018
Giacomo Moor presents the "Centina" collection, designed for Giustini / Stagetti gallery at Art Basel.
Land Rover Awards 2018
22 Apr 2018
Giacomo Moor is the winner of the Land Rover Born Awards 2018 for interior design in Italy. Read more>
18 Apr 2018
A weight measurement system that is inspired by the chondrometer, a mechanical scale originally manufactured in Germany in the late 19th century for measuring the bulk density of grain. Read more>
16 Apr 2018
Giacomo Moor expresses his ebanistic sensitivity by designing a collection of containers characterized by the complex construction and a refined contrast of materials and colors, declined between the inside and outside of the product. Read more>
16 Apr 2018
The scale translation of the forms and languages typical of architecture is a point of departure and a notional source of energy for the new collection of furniture inspired by a range of bridge designs, aims to explore the formal and structural relation between the arch and its centring. Read more>
Alterego Low
16 Apr 2018
Alterego low springs from designer Giacomo Moor’s sensitivity for craftsmanship combined with his deep knowledge of materials, which are united with Acerbis’s ability to experiment and innovate the opening systems, making movement itself an element of aesthetic and functional design. Read more>
16 Apr 2018
Giacomo Moor takes part to the Milan Design Week 2018.
Centina, Pivot, Alterego Low, Gru are the names of the collections and the projects presented to the Milan Design Week 2018. Read more>
BRECCIA new version
10 Apr 2018
The Breccia concept is redesigned and produced in two new configurations and finishes. One in olive ash, the other in oak. Read more>
Oblò Kitchen
10 Apr 2018
An enduring steel worktop with integrated sink and burners. With extra-matt lacquered or oak beam doors, fronts and panels. Read more>
Welcome to our new website
9 Apr 2018
C 41 Studio conceives the new website and new image of Giacomo Moor. Inside, new projects and the most significant products.
6 Dec 2017
"From tree to design.- 2nd Chance is the winner project.
Giacomo Moor announced the winner group of students of the Sky Academy and Politecnico of Milan initiative for the reuse of the wood of the Sky tree.
Structure, use and creativity." Read more>