K.03 - GiacomoMoor


Interiors in poplar plywood coated in anthracite Abet laminate 879. Doors covered in stainless steel, Vintage finished, with continuous K.03 handle. Top in stainless steel, Vintage finished, with K.03 rounded edge and integrated sink.



Collection K.03 was designed with the intention of proposing a kitchen covered in metal sheets, offering a wide choice of finishes. At the basis of the project there is a particular manufacturing process, called “fold crusher”, applied to the metal coverings of the doors; the upper edge of the sheets is folded on itself obtaining a rounded surface which, in addition to stiffening the structure, offers an ergonomic grip for opening the door. The sign can run across the entire width of the door or delimit a portion of it. Conceived with stainless steel coverings in vintage or scotch brite finishes, brass, raw iron or powder finished aluminum in four micaceous finish variants specifically designed for this collection. The detail of the door has also been replicated on the design of the stainless steel worktops in vintage or satin finishes thanks to the partnership with Ekotek-Foster. The interiors, made of poplar plywood and covered in Abet laminate in three colours, guarantee extreme resistance and ease of cleaning.

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